Potential forestry measure In Montenegro

04 Aug, 2017


CNVP, the Union of Private Forest Owners’ Associations, the Forest Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held two field workshops for 40 participants in Northern Montenegro (in Bijelo Polje) on 21 and 27 July 2017. The workshops were financed through the regional activities of a Sida-funded project that is under implementation in Albania - Forests for Local Economic Development.

The objective of the workshops was to demonstrate a forestry measure that could support the development of private forests - Improving vitality and quality of a younger oak coppice stand aimed at its (later) indirect conversion into a high natural quality oak stand, while at the same time satisfying fuelwood needs.

During the first workshop, an experimental forest stand was analysed, and its trees were marked for high selective thinning (by a consultant, the local forestry engineer and the forest owner). The thinning technique and the results, including demonstration of the thinning operation, were monitored by participants in the second field workshop.

The participants agreed that Next Steps for improving private forests and raising the incomes of their owners should include lobbying the ministry to ensure that subsidisation of the measure is supported under Montenegro’s IPARD Programme after 2020, (based on the EU Regulation to support rural development).