World Habitat Day

03 Oct, 2017


World Habitat Day was established in 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly. First celebrated in 1986, World Habitat Day takes on a new theme annually that is chosen by the United Nations based on current issues relevant to the Habitat Agenda.

The purpose of World Habitat Day is to: reflect on the state of today’s towns and cities; stress the basic right of all to have adequate shelter; and remind the world that it has the power and responsibility to shape the future of its cities and towns.

The theme for 2 October 2017 is Housing Policies: Affordable Homes. Other themes linked to UN-Habitat’s areas of interest have covered:

  • Inclusive housing and social services;
  • A safe and healthy living environment for all, with particular consideration for     children, youth, women, elderly and disabled;
  • Affordable and sustainable transport and energy;
  • Promotion, protection, and restoration of green urban spaces;
  • Safe and clean drinking water and sanitation;
  • Healthy air quality;
  • Job creation;
  • Improved urban planning and slum upgrading; and
  • Better waste management.

CNVP is a leading international civil society organisation that is active in all six Balkan countries. It uses evidence-based analysis to:

  1. improve the sustainable livelihoods of rural communities affected by the ongoing process of climate change;
  2. control the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources;
  3. promote the use of renewable energy;
  4. address issues linked to the Brown Agenda i.e. unsafe water provision, sanitation and drainage; inadequate solid and hazardous waste management; and air pollution, including uncontrolled emissions from motor vehicles, factories and low grade domestic fuels; and
  5. ensure inclusive and adequate accommodation and related service delivery for rural and urban households and their communities.

CNVP is looking to identify CSOs active in the European Neighbourhood Space, the Caucasus and Turkey with which it can cooperate to build a greener economic environment.