3rd European Rural Parliament

25 Oct, 2017


The European Rural Parliament (ERP) is a long-term campaign to express the voice of rural people in Europe, promote their self-help and action in partnership with civil society and governments, and build a committed network of rural movements across wider Europe.

Held every two years, the first ERP was hosted in Brussels, Belgium in 2013, whilst the second event took place in 2015 in Schärding, Austria. The 3rd ERP was organised during 18-21 October 2017 in the small town of Venhorst, The Netherlands. It involved a network of partners from 40 European countries, and linked the voices of over 200 million people who live in rural areas. Some countries have already indicated an interest in hosting the 4th ERP in 2019.

CNVP representatives from Macedonia and Montenegro participated in the ERP along with 225 other international participants. Events included excursions, plenary sessions, debates, networking and presentations, as well as the adoption of an updated Rural Manifesto. More than 100 local inhabitants opened their homes for participants to stay during the event, supported by local volunteers.

The 3rd European Rural Parliament was a mosaic of diversity, inspiration and new insights. Along with the adopted Venhorst Declaration, the outcomes will serve as a basis for improvements on rural development topics all over Europe.

The commissioner of the Dutch King for Nord-Brabant noted, “We don’t live in fear, but we have serious questions for our future in rural areas. The countryside is what matters, and therefore we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

CNVP representatives have recently participated in national rural parliament (NRP) activities in Slovenia and Albania. In addition, CNVP is implementing EU-funded projects in Macedonia and Montenegro that will result in the establishment of NRPs for both countries.

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