Forestry and pasture management education

31 Oct, 2017


There is a lack of attention to forestry and pasture management issues in Albanian high schools. To address this issue, CNVP has analysed gaps in the current educational programme at 8th and 9th grade, and developed a methodology for forest and pasture management education.

Funded through the Forests for Local Economic Development project that is supported by the Embassy of Sweden, CNVP has designed and printed an exercise-led manual for school children. This education programme is building the capacity of school teachers/facilitators to improve the design and delivery of environmental education programmes, including the use of exercises and games that are linked to the environment, forests, pasture management and community concerns. The manual also provides the students with a comprehensive list of references.

On 16, 20 and 25 October 2017, CNVP developed a half day extra-curricula activity and associated exercises linked to the environmental/biology programme of targeted schools in Korca Region. Delivered at forest level in Gorica Village (Pustec Municipality), Vithkuq village (Korca Municipality) and Dardhas Village (Pogradec Municipality), the activity addressed sustainable development, the importance of forests for the environment, eco-tourism, non-timber forest products, pasture management and the importance of community forestry. The activity helped facilitators and students use the manual to enjoy learning about forests and pasture management. As this successful programme has been accepted by all the teachers and students involved, it could be extended in principle to other schools in Albania.