Global Recycling Day

18 Mar, 2018


The first Global Recycling Day (GRD) will be celebrated on 18 March 2018. Its purpose is to raise awareness regarding the importance of recycling waste. GRD aims to change the mind-set of governments, businesses, communities and individuals around the world, helping them to see recyclables as a resource, not as waste.

The recycling industry is at the heart of the change that is needed to combat the devastating effects of climate change, today’s major environmental issue. Recycling (whether industrial or domestic) saves more CO2 emissions each year than are generated by the entire aviation industry, while simultaneously protecting the earth’s valuable natural resources.

The planet’s six major natural resources - water, air, coal, oil, natural gas and minerals – have been joined by a seventh: recyclables. Without recycling, all used and discarded fridges, plastic bottles, packing boxes, cars, cell phones and paper cups will contribute to the growing waste mountains, either to be incinerated or go to landfill, and never to be used again. Without recycling, there is no option but to continue stripping the earth of its finite resources.

CNVP is a leading international NGO and civil society organization that is active in all six Balkan countries. It uses evidence-based analysis to improve the sustainable livelihoods of rural communities affected by the ongoing process of environmental and climate change within a policy framework of European accession.

CNVP’s focuses on agri-rural, natural resource management, forestry, renewable energy and governance activities to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities, as well as reduce inadequate solid and hazardous waste management and air pollution, including uncontrolled emissions from motor vehicles, factories and low grade domestic fuels i.e. the Brown Agenda.

CNVP is looking to identify CSOs active in the European Neighbourhood Space, the Caucasus and Turkey with which it can cooperate to build a greener economic environment, including the improved management of household and industrial waste.