CNVP Albania participates in Diber Local Forum

17 May, 2018


CNVP Albania participated on 16 May 2018 in the Diber local NGO forum Networking for Participatory Rural Development organised by Albania’s Network for Rural Development (ANRD). (Linked to this, CNVP participated in the first Albanian Rural Parliament organized by ANRD in Tirana on 28-30 September 2017.)

The Diber event was organized in the framework of the EU-funded project Consolidation of the role of ANRD towards a functional model of participatory and bottom-up perspective in the national rural agenda. This project is being implemented by the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) in partnership with AgriNET and AgroPUKA.

The local forum in Diber - one of several regional activities - aimed at identifying, encouraging and engaging the formulation and implementation of rural development policies and instruments, as well as local, rural, socio-economic development initiatives of individuals, groups, associations and communities. The forums focus on agri-tourism, agri-business, cultural heritage, agriculture and family farming, slow-food, promotion of the region, environment, handicraft, etc.