Launching of Climate coalition of CSOs in North Macedonia, for more ambitious climate policies

17 Jun, 2020


Climate Coalition of CSOs working in education and information on climate change-related topics is being formed in order to increase the participation of citizens in decision-making processes and monitoring their implementation.

Climate change is a real challenge for all governments and decision-makers, but public pressure is needed to pursue more ambitious climate policies and provide funding for their implementation. We need highly informed citizens and connected civil society organizations that will be able to act quickly and jointly.

"We are starting a beautiful story called Climate Coalition of CSOs, which we hope will grow and cover all country sectors, because climate change is an inter-sectoral issue that enters into all spheres of society." This type of Coalition now is needed more than ever, the post COVID-19 recovery should mean green development and growth of a bio-economy, actually industry that will not pollute and cause damage. Protecting the health and well-being of the citizens should be a priority and that is why we have chosen 17 June as a World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, to inform about Climate Coalition "- said Ana Colovic Lesoska from Eco-svest.

The Climate Coalition begins with 11 members- CSOs who have worked together on the coalition’s strategic documents and have significant experience working on topics related to climate change.

„Climate Coalition' mission is local synchronized action and strong social influence and transformation through building climate culture. The goal will be achieved through care and respect of local natural values, solidarity with other initiatives (local and global), climate action and responsibility for the planet. While the vision is providing a quality living standard for people in well-being with the environment, a system based on standards and safe for the climate (Low Carbon Transformation) and raising climate culture that will bring Macedonia as an example for the region” explained Kristina Buzharoska from the CNVP Foundation as one of the founders of the Climate Coalition.

„It was needed to increase our knowledge for the climate change, especially of the civil society sector affected by these issues at the local level, to create a common platform that can be an equal partner in climate decision-making processes and defining priority sectors at the national and local level. It is very important citizens to participate in decision made for investments in direction of fair transition and will ensure that no one will be left without a job and that the whole system will grow in ecological society. The local members are the ones who will ensure participation of the local population in these processes. "- says Elena Nikolovska from Eco-svest

The Climate crisis, but also the pandemic has taught us that it is necessary to involve all stakeholders from the society in decision-making processes, because we need to work together to eradicate negative habits and to build a new system that will be solid and equal for all. That is why this Climate Coalition is open to all who can contribute in the path to this ecological transformation of our society.

This activity is part of the project "Communities communicate climate change" implemented by Eco-svest, CNVP and DEM. The project is funded by the EU.