CNVP Albania organized a round table in Puka municipality (Shkoder region)

30 Jun, 2021


On 24 June 2021, CNVP Albania organized a round table in Puka municipality (Shkoder region), with local actors (municipalities, forest federations, and forest associations) to present the progress of the project  “Afforestation, training, and community-based management forests” funded by ADA and Austrian Lenzing company and discuss on the issues that local actors are facing actually on forest management. 

The stakeholders present in the meeting discussed and identified several issues related to forest management by the municipalities as the following:

• The necessity to approve sub legal acts for the implementation of the new Forest Law approved in 2020,

• Preparation of new Management Plans which provide the base for the development of the forest sector through implementing annual utilization plans,

• Lack of Management Plans prevents the municipalities from applying for different programs such as IPARD III.

• Clarification of the roles of the state inspectorate and the forest inspectorate at municipal level,

• Appoint professional staff in the municipalities in terms of forest management, train and improve the logistics and working conditions.