CNVP and stakeholders discuss on sustainable collection of NWFP’s and cultivation of MAP-s

15 Jul, 2022


In the framework of the “Sustainable Future for Sharr/ Korab-Koritnik” project, CNVP has brought together key stakeholders in two separate meetings, in Prizren (Kosovo) and Peshkopi (Albania), to discuss about the sustainable collection of non-wood forest products (NWFP) and the cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) in the region of Sharri/Korab/Koritnik, namely in Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia.

During the discussions, it was said that the sector of non-wood forest products has great potential for development, and participants identified the main problems for their collection and cultivation of MAPs.

A field visit was also organized in one of the collections points in Peshkopi and in an enterprise in Suharaka which succesfully cultivates the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. A similar workshop will be organized in North Macedonia in September, as part of capacity building activities for sustainable practices and improvement of production.

The discussions held during these workshops will be used to finalize the analysis sustainable collection of NWFP’s and possibility for the cultivation of MAPs. In addition, they will contribute in identifying the main strengths and weaknesses of the sector in this region. The analyse will provide recommendations for improvement and training for key stakeholders in three countries (Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia) will increase capacities of farmers and traders on sustainable NWFP value chains and cultivation of MAPs.

The project “Sustainable Future for Sharr/Korab-Koritnik”, funded by DBU, Jensen-Funds, and EURONATUR aims to support sustainable regional development, increase engagement of local people, improvement the habitats, and strengthen transboundary cooperation.