04 Jul

Empowering local communities in Protected Areas to live in harmony with nature

CNVP Albania, through PONT funded project, is organising a series of meeting with local communities in the Albanian Alps and Korab Koritnik Protected Areas to implement long lasting interventions which can benefit the local communities and the nature

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26 Jun

Sustainable development of National Parks of Prespa, Albanian Alps and Korab-Koritnik

CNVP is supporting the sustainable development of National Parks of Prespa, Albanian Alps and Korab-Koritnik in Albania in cooperation and funded by PONT.

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23 Jun

Kick – off event of the project ''Integrated Forest Management Along The Drim River Basin''

On June 23, in Debarska Banja Capa, Kosovrasti (North Macedonia), the beginning of the project

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22 Jun

Advancing sustainable heating solutions by utilizing wood chips from sustainably managed forests

Today in a consultative meeting hosted by the Vice Mayor of Shtime Municipality, representatives of CNVP Kosovo discussed crucial next steps in taking steps towards a sustainable future with a wood chips-based heating system

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21 Jun

CNVP Kosovo Discusses about Collaboration with Fushë Kosova Municipality for Tree Plantations

In a significant step towards promoting sustainable environmental practices, CNVP Kosovo, conducted a productive meeting with Mr. Burim Berisha, the mayor of Fushe Kosova municipality, as part of the SUNREED project.

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20 Jun

Thirrje per projekt propozime -Open Call for Project Proposals

CNVP Shqipëri shpallë thirrjen për projekt propozime në kuadër të projektit të financuar nga PONT. CNVP Albania launches an open call for project proposals in the framework of PONT funded project for local organizations in Kukes municipality.

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16 Jun

CNVP Participates in High-Level Joint Annual Review of Kosovo's Forestry Sector

On June 15, 2023, CNVP took part in the Joint Annual Review of the Forestry Sector in Kosovo. During the joint meeting Mr.Xhevat Lushi, the CNVP Country Director of Kosovo, presented the organizations’ activities and achievements in several projects.

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14 Jun

Transboundary LAG Meeting in Sharri Region Highlights Collaborative Efforts for Development

The Transboundary Local Action Group (LAG) meeting in the breathtaking Sharri region is uniting representatives from Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Albania to explore mutually beneficial partnerships between the farming and tourism sectors.

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08 Jun

CNVP SUNREED project and its partners meeting Austrian Biomass Association in Vienna

CNVP Kosovo enhances the cooperation and exchange knowledge regarding biomass production for renewable energy, through a two-day study visit with Kosovo partners in Vienna, Austria.

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