17 Nov

CNVP North Macedonia and Sar Mountain National Park held a joint meeting in Tetovo

On November 16, a working meeting between the CNVP North Macedonia team and the Sar Mountain National Park team was held in Tetovo. The purpose of the meeting was to jointly discuss the envisaged project activities for the coming period within the fr

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15 Nov

Introducing solar drying systems for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs)

CNVP is partnering with four Albanian MAPs exporting companies to test innovative MAPs drying technologies which are easy to construct and cheap to operate.

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11 Nov

Stakeholders in Tetovo contribute in the analysis for NWFP value chains and cultivation of MAPs

Sustainable collection of non-wood forest products (NWFP) and the cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) in the region of Sharri/Korab/Koritnik, was in the focus of discussions during the roundtable organized in Tetovo (North Macedonia).

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09 Nov

CNVP promotes carbon market in Kosovo

CNVP presented results and methodology for growth of biomass and carbon sequestration, which was conducted during 2015-2022 in a workshop which brought together partners from national institutions, municipalities, APFOs, National Parks, NGOs, experts

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07 Nov

CNVP participated to the BESTbelt Conference in Ulcinj

The first BESTbelt Conference, which took place from 1-4 November 2022 in Ulcinj, Montenegro brought together representatives from 24 nations to share experiences, increase networks and discuss new approaches to strengthen the European Green Belt.

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04 Nov

Gender analysis of SUNREED project and opportunities for women networking

The results of gender analysis were presented in a roundtable organized in Pristina, which brought together key stakeholders, including representatives of the AGE, MAFRD, MESPI, NAPFO and APFOs, Women and Youth Producers Groups (WYPG) and CSO’s.

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02 Nov

CNVP and its partners in Kosovo host the Director General of Sida

Ms. Carin Jämtin, Director-General of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and Ms. Lisa Fredriksson, Director of Sida´s Department for Europe and Latin America visited CNVP project beneficiaries.

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29 Oct

Municipalities exchange practices on wood biomass as an energy source

To promote wood biomass production, use and market, CNVP has organized a two-days field visit for members of the working groups on wood biomass from several municipalities, with whom CNVP will be working at the local level to promote biomass energy.

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28 Oct

Energy production from Medicinal & Aromatic Plants residues

CNVP Albania with support of the Embassy of Sweden in Tirana, is working with two companies in northern Albania to create value from this MAP residual biomass by using it to generate energy.

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25 Oct

CNVP and the Municipality of Junik mark the “Chestnut Day”

CNVP Kosovo in cooperation with the Municipality of Junik and the Association of Private Forest Owners in Junik organized the traditional event “Chestnut Day”, which aims to promote the values of natural resources, including chestnut.

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