04 May

The first round table meeting of the Climate Coalition

In the frame of the project "CSOs Action for Climate", today was held the first round table meeting of the Climate Coalition.

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01 May

Signed memorandum of Understanding with Municipality of Strumica

In the framework of the project CSOs Action for climate, CNVP Macedonia had a meeting with and Municipality of Strumica.

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29 Apr

CNVP Foundation Strategy Planning

On 28 and 29 April 2022, the CNVP management team, some representatives from the staff and an external consultant held a CNVP strategy planning meeting in Mavrovo, North Macedonia. CNVP Foundation is in the process of preparing its strategy for the period 2022-2027.

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28 Apr

CNVP Kosovo facilitated first Cross-Border Meeting of LAGs

On the 13-14 of April 2022, CNVP Kosovo facilitated the first cross-border meeting of representatives of LAG and model actors from Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia in the Sharr-Korab-Koritnik Nature Park.

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26 Apr

CNVP continues to support the Medicinal Plant Sector

The CNVP team and Sweden Embassy, through the LED project, continue supporting the medicinal plant's sector in Devolli municipality.

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20 Apr

Workshops dedicated to food presentation and matching with wines, Dihovo, North Macedonia

In the period 05-07 April 2022, in Dihovo, Bitola, a Culinary training "Upgrading the presentation of food and beverages in rural tourism facilities" was organized, in which the Rural Women from Prespa took an active part, and it was implemented by SWG RRD

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18 Apr

Workshop on strengthening capacities of RWoP

On 16 April 2022, CNVP Macedonia finalized the workshop on the internal roles, capabilities and management of the RWoP association.

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15 Apr

International Consultant Required for Market System Development

CNVP Kosovo intends to recruit an international consultant who has significant experience in market system development (MSD) internationally and within Kosovo and/or the Balkans to help support the implementation of the Sida-funded Sustainable Use of Natural Resources for Environment and Economic Development (SUNREED) project during 2022-26

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12 Apr

CNVP Macedonia visited Market of Slow Food products

On the 9th of April 2022, CNVP Macedonia visited the Event on Market of slow food products, organized by Dobredojde Makedonija Welcome centre, Slow food Vodno, within the framework of the project DMWC "From slow and organic food to a green planet", funded by EU

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