01 Dec

National-Level Workshop Addresses Biodiversity and Climate Change in Forests

In a crucial move towards fostering environmental awareness and sustainable practices, CNVP Kosovo organized the workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change in Forests, on national-level.

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27 Nov

Bottom-Up approach and Local Coordination on Wood Biomass Market Development in Kosovo

Following steps towards sustainable energy solutions; working groups from potential municipalities (Kamenica, Shtime, Hani i Elezit and Kaçanik) gathered in a workshop facilitated by CNVP Kosovo.

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24 Nov

Held 2 workshops on financial management and visibility for CNVP sub-grantees

On November 23 and 24 in Tetovo and Gostivar (North Macedonia), the project team of CNVP held 2 workshops on financial management and visibility intended for sub-grantees, from Polog and Mavrovo regions that were recently awarded grants as part of the project

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23 Nov

Open call for hiring CNVP Country Director in Albania

CNVP Albania is hiring a Country Director to lead the team in Albania, from Tirana office. The Country Director will manage a portfolio of employees, and projects. S/he will manage employees and project portfolio to the highest standards and in line with CNVP strategic objectives.

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20 Nov

CNVP Equips Participants with Skills for Effective Grant Application under Rural Development Plan-23

In a collaborative effort to promote sustainable practices and environmental awareness, CNVP recently organized a workshop in partnership with the National Association of Private Forest Owners (NAPFO), private forest owner associations, and women's a

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18 Nov

CNVP Kosovo Facilitates the Establishment of Women and Youth Group in the Municipality of Vitia

Exciting progress unfolds in Vitia as CNVP Kosovo, during the past week, unfolded the discussion for a significant effort to foster economic growth: the creation of an Agribusiness Incubator and established the Women and Youth Group

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17 Nov

Field visit of Swedish Embassy to the SUNREED project partners for the sector of biomass production

On November 15th, 2023, the CNVP Kosovo team was delighted to coordinate a collaborative field visit with senior representative from the Swedish Embassy, in the municipalities of Kamenie and Vitia.

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14 Nov

Empowering Communities: Follow Up Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change in Local Forest

With the purpose of enhancing environmental awareness and sustainable practices CNVP Kosovo, on the 10th of November, organized the second cycle training session, that marks the continuation of a comprehensive series of training sessions.

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14 Nov

Gender Assessment Tool in Dragash Guides the Path Forward

In an effort to better understand how tradition and recent changes affect gender and climate issues CNVP Kosovo came together with a group of representatives from the Municipality of Dragash last Saturday, with the aim to conduct a gender assessment.

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10 Nov

Vulnerability and resilience of EU mountain region in focus of the MOVING Conference in Hungary

From November 5th- 8th, 2023, in Hungary, CNVP MOVING team and representatives of the local stakeholder group participated at the conference that gathered 23 partners jointly implementing the HORIZON 2020, EU Project. Along with the project partners, representatives of various value chains were invited to provide their input but as well to share their experiences and engage in networking.

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