15 Jul

CNVP and stakeholders discuss on sustainable collection of NWFP’s and cultivation of MAP-s

In the framework of the “Sustainable Future for Sharr/ Korab-Koritnik” project, CNVP has brought together key stakeholders in two separate meetings, in Prizren and Peshkopi, to discuss about the sustainable collection of NWFPs and cultivation of MAPs

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14 Jul

Market System Development - Local Consultant Required

CNVP Kosovo intends to recruit a local consultant who has significant experience in the forestry sector and forest-related products and marketing, to support the implementation of the market system development approach.

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12 Jul

Open Call: International expert for fast-growing tree plantations

CNVP Kosovo intends to recruit an International Expert who has experience in fast-growing tree plantations and nurseries, to support the implementation of the Sida-funded SUNREED project.

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05 Jul

SUNREED project starts preparation of gender analysis

Gender mainstreaming is an important component of the SUNREED project by integrating gender equality considerations into all project activities in collaboration with partners and institutions.

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02 Jul

CNVP held its first in person all-staff meeting in Ohrid after the pandemic

After 2+ years, the all-staff meeting of CNVP was organized in Ohrid from 24-26 June, bringing together the regular CNVP team members from Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, and members of CNVP Supervisory Board.

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23 Jun

Innovative Partnerships for Sustainable Forest Management

An innovative partnership for social impact brought together Albanian and Austrian experts to increase forest management skills amongst communities and enable the afforestation of communal land

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20 Jun

CNVP Albania supports promotion of medicinal and aromatic plants

CNVP Albania, through the LED project funded by SIDA, provided support in promoting the medicinal and aromatic plants sector in Albania. Lavander, sage, rosemary and winter savory fields were planted over the past three years

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17 Jun

Field Day in MAPs genetic resources garden in Koplik, Malesia e Madhe

CNVP Albania supported the organization of a field day in the MAPs genetic resources garden which is established with the support of Sida-funded LED project at Salvia Nord nursery in Koplik, Malesia e Madhe.

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17 Jun

CNVP and local stakeholders analyze the state of rural tourism in North Macedonia

A workshop on “Rural tourism - appraisal on vulnerability and performance of value chains" was held on Wednesday in Maleshevski mountains region in Berovo bringing together participants of the regional multi-actor platform (MAP).

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14 Jun

CNVP Kosovo engages with municipalities to promote wood biomass production

CNVP Kosovo is supporting the establishment of municipal working groups to promote the wood biomass production, market development and use in ten municipalities in Kosovo.

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