Improved management of small-scale, private degraded forests

08 Jan, 2019


In 2019, CNVP Macedonia is implementing a project financed by FAO that is focused on (a) demonstrating ways to manage coppice forests to produce more valuable wood products in the longer term, and (b) lobbying institutions such as the Ministry (for the forest and rural development sector) to invest more in supporting forest management to transfer coppice forests to higher types of management. 

The improved condition of coppice forests is expected to provide better quality of wood products and services that will be of benefit to forest owners, forest-based industry and society generally.   

Project activities include:

  1. Undertaking a comparative analysis of private coppice forests on the effect of selective thinning interventions;
  2. Holding discussions with forest owners and local forest experts from the state forest service to change the traditional management style of coppicing;     
  3. Promoting activities to use applied measures among private forest owners;
  4. Sharing the applied measures with competent government bodies;
  5. Producing infographics on the findings from field activities, the implementation of practices, and the recommended measures to improve the quality of forest stands, all translated into regional languages; and    
  6. Holding a final event at regional level to share project results and discuss regional practices.